3 Great Reasons to Buy a Pre-Owned Vehicle

by | Dec 6, 2019 | Automotive

There are several compelling reasons to consider pre-owned cars for sale South Bend IN, including selection and improved reliability. However, affordability is the biggest draw. Read on or click here for more information.

Fair Prices

Purchasing a new vehicle is costlier than buying a pre-owned one. Unless you opt for a lease, your upfront cost will be significant. Lenders usually require a down payment of at least 10%, if not more. Used car certification programs and new-vehicle depreciation make this an incredible value.


Another trend is the wide availability of CPO or certified pre-owned car programs. The concept originated with luxury brands, but most of today’s manufacturers have a CPO program. These vehicles are late-model, low-mileage, and undamaged. They undergo a rigorous inspection before they’re put up for sale, and they come with an extended warranty. Though you’ll pay more for a CPO vehicle than for a used car, it’s worth the extra reassurance you’ll receive.

No Depreciation

Once you’ve driven a new vehicle off the lot, its value drops immediately. On conventional vehicles, you can expect a new car to lose roughly 30% of its value during the initial two-year ownership period. Before looking at pre-owned cars for sale South Bend IN, we suggest consulting a used vehicle value guide.

Why Wait? Drive Home in a Pre-Owned Vehicle Today

Buying a used vehicle is a great way to get more car for less money. View our inventory online, stop by to take a test drive, or click here to visit us at shmotorsales.com today.

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