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3 Things to Remember When You Restore Your Classic Vehicle

Do you have fond memories of a trusty old Ford Torino, Fairlane, Thunderbird, or F100 pickup? Maybe you would like to relive those memories and restore one of these classic favorites. You need a good supplier for Ford Fairlane parts like Concours Parts & Accessories and here are three tips to remember to help make the restoration process a little easier and more enjoyable.

1. Can you Source the Parts?

It is possible to find a good source for Torino or Ford Fairlane parts. However, with some vehicles, it is not easy to find the parts you need at affordable prices. For example, if you want to restore an old Hudson, Desoto, or Studebaker, you could have a hard time getting everything you need. This is important to consider before you buy your car and start your project.

2. What about Modifications?

Some people like to install small block GM motors in their classic Fords. Maybe you already have the motor but remember, when you make changes like these, the car is no longer stock and its value as a classic, or vintage auto goes down.

Some modifications are beneficial and should not affect your car’s value. For example:

  • 6 to 12-volt electrical system – better lighting, easier starting, many parts available from a good Ford Fairlane parts source.
  • Single to double brake master cylinder and braking system – good idea for safety
  • Better radio – as long as it is made for your car

3. Understanding Your Limitations

Not everyone is an accomplished welder. Most people cannot make upholstery look like it just came from the factory. If you have special skills, then take advantage of them. If friends or family have skills, ask them to help out. For best results, take your car to professionals for work beyond your training and expertise.