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4 Reasons Why You Should Purchase A Subaru Outback

If you’re shopping for a reliable automobile, you may want to visit a new Subaru Outback Mokena dealership to see what they have in their inventory. The Subaru Outback is a champion at traversing through all types of terrain, has good handling and plenty of horsepower for great performance. You’ll also find an abundance of cargo space and the power to tow, which is impressive for the size of this vehicle.

Excellent In Any Terrain

The Subaru Outback is a smart choice if you live in a location that receives all types of weather. During the winter, the Outback has the ability to bust through areas where snow and ice have accumulated. The all-wheel-drive feature allows you to drive on slick roads and still keep control. You can even head off of the main road with this vehicle if you are the adventurous type.

Great Handling And Performance

You’ll have great handling and performance with the Subaru Outback. Steering is responsive and precise. In addition, you’ve got a good amount of ground clearance that’s combined with a rugged build. This makes the Outback a better choice than other automobiles if you want to drive on ground that’s uneven.

Plenty Of Cargo Space

The inside of the Outback has plenty of room to fit five adult passengers. You can also place cargo in the back. If you need more space for hauling goods, you’re provided with the ability to fold down the standard seats. You also have the option to get roof and rear racks, and there’s plenty of small storage spaces throughout the vehicle.

Power To Tow

You usually think of an SUV or truck when you need to tow a trailer or boat. While the Outback is a nice sized vehicle to drive, it also has enough power to tow these type of items. The 2018 model has a maximum towing capacity equal to 2,700 pounds.

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