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5 Road Trip Planning Tips From a Top Ford Dealer Near Louisville, KY

Tired of riding buses and trains when traveling the country? Maybe it’s time to go on a road trip driving your own vehicle. Driving yourself to your desired vacation destination offers many benefits. Not only does it offer a more comfortable ride, but you are also free to decide when and where to have a stopover. You can set up camp in the wilderness, visit as many places as you can, and run errands in between. This article shares a few tips and tricks for planning the perfect road trip.

Decide how long your trip will is

Not everyone can go on an extended trip. Typically, a long vacation is around 10 days to two weeks. Some prefer to go no longer than a week. Keep in mind that your budget and itinerary will depend on how long your trip will be so figure out how long your vacation is.

Choose the places you want to visit

Now that you know how much time you have, it’s time to outline your itinerary. List as many places you’d like to visit and mark them on the map. Then, start crossing out those that are difficult to get to or too far from your preferred route. Make sure to factor in the travel time as well to ensure you’ll have enough time to explore the places you’ve chosen.

Decide what type of vehicle you should use

This will definitely depend on how many are joining the trip. If it’s just your family, you can use a standard sedan. But if it’s a group of six or more, you might need a bigger vehicle. Expect rugged terrains on your route as well, so better choose a 4WD to have more flexibility. Otherwise, you’ll end up having to stay on main roads and walk long distances to reach remote attractions. That’s both exhausting and time-consuming.

Join a road assistance club

If you are not a technician and you know you can’t “Macgyver” your way out of car-related problems, it is best to join a road assistance club like AAA so you can get instant help when needed. The last thing you want is to spend a day or two in the wilderness while waiting for help to arrive or hitchhike in a stranger’s vehicle. Your Ford dealer near Louisville, KY can suggest a few reliable names.

Bring extra supplies

Your budget should include emergency supplies, but focus on basic needs like food and water. Bring an emergency kit as well in case someone gets injured or sick. An extra gallon of fuel can also be a lifesaver on a long trip. Surely you can make a few stops to restock but it is risky when your route includes several kilometers of wilderness.

Have your car tuned up

If you haven’t had your car checked by a mechanic, this is the best time to do so. Do not hit the road without getting your car tuned up. Everything—from the engine to the brakes to the tires—must be in tiptop shape. Replace the brakes if it’s below 50 percent. Replace the tires if they are worn down. Buy new wiper blades if they can no longer clear out moisture well.

There’s nothing wrong with overthinking or being too careful when it comes to planning a road trip. A clear and efficient plan can save your life and your journey. Check out Jim O’neal Ford for more helpful tips.