5 Top Tips to Help You Shop for a Used SUV

by | Jun 10, 2019 | Automotive

Shopping for Used SUVs for Sale in Stuttgart AR gives you plenty of cost-savings. Here are top tips to help you work out which car hits the mark for you.

Make a list

List down your requirements. Do you need a vehicle to get to work? Or are you looking for one large enough to take the entire family on long road trips and scenic drives? Put these things on your list.

Check the mileage

When you check out Used SUVs for Sale in Stuttgart AR, make sure you look at the mileage. The higher the mileage, the greater the wear and damage on the car. That means you’ll need to replace more parts. Look at the pedals and steering wheel as well since their condition will tell you a lot about how old—and worn—the car’s parts may be.

Think of your budget

Stepping foot in a dealer’s lot without any idea how much the car goes for on the market will leave you at a considerable disadvantage. Research the average cost of the models of the SUVs on your list. Find out if the dealer has any of those models by calling ahead.

Look for red flags

If there are too many signs of damage such as mismatched tires or inconsistencies in the paint quality over the car’s body or chassis, then those are red flags. It could have been involved in a car accident or flooding, and as such, may not be a good option for you.

Know the car’s history

Check the car’s history report. Has there been any extensive work done on the car? If the report doesn’t show any extensive repairs, but the car has signs of having undergone a major face lift, then that’s a bad sign. Look elsewhere.

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