A Guide to Buying Used Auto Body Parts in New Haven, CT

by | Mar 19, 2019 | Autos

Auto manufacturing is one of the country’s biggest industries, and it generates a tremendous amount of waste. The salvage industry profits by pulling useful parts from un-repairable cars. Roughly 70% of an unfixable car’s parts may be salvaged, such as wheels, front and rear ends, engines and body parts. Read on for some of the benefits of using salvaged auto parts for repairs, as well as some tips on finding quality, safe parts.

Big Savings

Used auto body parts are an excellent way to save on repairs and maintenance. These parts are typically cheap, saving the buyer from 20% to 80% of the cost of a new part. Used body parts are eco-friendly, as failure to use them would mean more junk in salvage yards or landfills. Moreover, the manufacture of new parts is resource-intensive, and using salvage parts is much less so.

Wide Availability

Used auto body parts are available in salvage yards across the country, in most larger cities and towns. They can be bought from domain URL and shipped to the buyer’s home or to the nearest repair shop. In some cases, buying salvaged parts is the only way to locate a hard-to-find part for a vehicle that’s no longer in production.

Check the Part’s Age and Condition

Everyone knows that auto parts wear out with age, and used auto body parts in New Haven, CT are no exception. Before buying a salvaged part, check it for dents, rust and cracking, and verify whether it’s being sold as repaired, salvaged or reconditioned.

Watch Out for Counterfeit Parts

Like other consumer items, auto parts can easily be copied, and these copies aren’t always reliable. It’s typically easy to tell whether a part is real or counterfeit. If it differs substantially in appearance from a new body part, if the logo is mismatched, or if anything else appears unusual, the part may be a copy.

Get it Painted to Match

When buying used body parts, it’s unusual to find one that’s the same color as the rest of the vehicle. Consult a body shop for help in getting the salvaged parts painted to match what’s already on the car.

It’s becoming more expensive by the day to keep cars road-worthy, but there are ways to save. Used auto body parts in New Haven, CT can help drivers save on maintenance and repair costs. However, they should exercise caution when buying.

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