Audio Systems and Truck Accessories in Jennings LA

by | Dec 8, 2016 | Automotive

A new truck is a major investment so it should be exactly as the owner wishes. That may not be possible right off the dealership lot. Sometimes, after market customization is the only way to make the truck special and unique. Truck Accessories in Jennings LA can make a big difference in appearance, performance, and personalization. Vent visors, chrome accessories, leveling kits, and nerf boards are a great start. Pin-striping, grill guards, and running boards are also available. For those who want a truck that is suitable for work, a variety of tool boxes, floor liners, bug shields, and spray-in liners can help provide the truck with extra room and protection.

Fitting the truck with accessories is best left to experts, such as technicians found at PROTECH Audio. Installation of custom stereos, alarms, leather replacement seats, and mobile video can certainly transform an ordinary truck into a one-of-a-kind vehicle. Tinting is also offered in a variety of shades, degrees, and types. It is recommended truck owners find out about local laws and ordinances regarding tinting before making a final decision. Some areas have restrictions on the intensity of the tint that is placed on vehicle windows. The costs of removing tint once it is placed on windows is expensive, especially after paying to have it done originally. Avoid fines, and extra costs by getting correct information from the local law enforcement agency.

In addition to Truck Accessories in Jennings LA, custom fabrication is also offered. Speakers in the doors or back panel are not a problem. Amplifiers or sub woofers in the trunk can be installed safely and securely to withstand vibration and road conditions. Lights along the bottom of the truck to let people know you are arriving can be fitted, connected, and secured in any color preferred. The same services are available for cars, vans, buses, and boats. Drivers who want to keep children entertained and quiet during long trips, for example, can have television monitors installed in headrests, of have ones that drop down the roof. Contact a few companies that specialize in after-market installations, customization, and fabrications to compare pricing, capabilities, and products.

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