Auto Glass Repair Technicians Replace Windshields When Stress Cracks Occur

by | Feb 6, 2018 | Auto Glass Repair

An Auto Glass Repair shop replaces cracked and broken windshields. A windshield developing cracks after being hit with a stone flying off a construction truck or dump truck is a common scenario. Vehicles traveling on gravel roads also are more susceptible to this kind of damage.

Stress Cracks

Sometimes, cracks seem to appear for no reason, leaving the vehicle owner frustrated and bewildered. These often occur because of sudden changes in temperature or extreme temperatures. The damage is referred to as a stress crack.

Windshields that aren’t built by the original equipment manufacturer may not be of high enough quality, and thus more prone to a stress crack. A vehicle that’s already had the windshield replaced once with a non-OEM product may be more susceptible, although some of these products are very reputable. Before scheduling windshield replacement with an Auto Glass Repair service, the owner may want to ask about the products the company installs.

Hot Temperatures

In a climate like that of the Phoenix area, very hot temperatures are common. If a windshield gets hot enough, it can crack just from the heat. This is an infrequent occurrence, but it does occasionally happen. It’s more likely when the windshield already had a chip in it, perhaps one that was so tiny the owner never really noticed it was there.

Hot sunshine beating on the vehicle causes the metal around the windshield to heat up more quickly than the glass does. The edges of the windshield expand faster than the rest of the glass, which can cause damage.

Heavy Pressure

Heavy pressure on a windshield also can cause a stress crack. It’s inadvisable for anybody to sit on this glass, for instance. It doesn’t matter how funny this might seem after a round of drinks or how good a view the seat provides of fireworks in the distance.

A windshield nearly always does its job just as it’s supposed to, and stress cracks aren’t considered normal wear and tear. When they occur, technicians from a company such as Auto Glass Factory can replace the windshield at the shop or provide mobile service. See for assistance. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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