Automatic Side Loader Garbage Truck Designs Replace Traditional Back Loader Garbage Trucks in One New York Town

by | Oct 12, 2021 | Automobile

The side loader garbage truck that we sell here at is an affordable high-quality truck that can be purchased in one of a number of well-known brands, including CCC and Freightliner. Most of the components for this side loader are manufactured with steel plate, which is reinforced and supported with steel channels. Different thicknesses of the steel plate are used in different parts of the truck, depending on the anticipated level of stress.

The Manual Side Loader Design

Added components to such a truck include the vehicle’s cab and chassis, warning labels, electric wiring, lighting, and hydraulic cylinders and hoses. While the front loader garbage truck is used to pick up dumpsters at commercial sites, the side loader garbage truck, just like its counterpart the back loader design, is made to manually pick up trash bags along neighborhood streets. The waste is thrown into a hopper that further condenses and compacts the waste.

The Dempster Dumpster

Here at, our side loader garbage truck designs are certainly different in looks than the garbage trucks that were initially used in the early 20th century. In 1935, George Roby Dempster invented the Dempster Dumpster with a front loader design. From that design, manufacturers went on to manufacture and feature back loaders and side loaders in their garbage truck line-ups.

The Advantages Associated With the Automatic Side Loader Design

Today, some municipalities are replacing back loader garbage trucks with side loader garbage truck styles. According to a 2014 news report, officials in Greenburgh, New York replaced their back loaders with automated side loader garbage trucks. Because the truck requires fewer people to pick up and haul garbage, injuries are reduced. Therefore, using this kind of side loader garbage truck saves money without the need to cut garbage collection in communities.

A Way to Save Money and Reduce Liability

Typically, three people are needed to work on back loader trucks – a driver and two trash collectors. According to the news report, Paul Feiner, a Greenburgh Superviser, said that “. . . one person can drive the [side loader] and operate the mechanical arm.” He added that “[the] town will save money and [garbage collection] . . . will be faster [as well]. . . .”

This kind of auto-load system also requires that residents who have trash pick-up receive special containers. The news report indicated that 95-gallon containers are used as well as 65-gallon cans for people who are older or who have disabilities. The report stated that an automatic side loader is able to load cans that are approximately quadruple the size of a regular garbage can.

We Applaud Greenburgh for Meeting Its Cost-cutting Objective

We, here at website , applaud Greenburgh on its new acquisitions. We can provide municipalities with cost savings of this kind as well.

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