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Browse Used RV in des Moines IA for Your First Purchase

According to a report published in RVIA (Recreational Vehicle Industry Association), almost 9 million U.S. households own an RV, with those between 35 and 54 years of age accounting for the largest ownership. Recreational vehicle ownership is also increasing among younger couples and retirees over the age of 55 years. Things to consider when buying an RV include:

• Motorized Motorhome Types -; The three categories, or classes, are: Class A -; the largest and most expensive type. They can weigh over 30,000 pounds and up to 40 feet in length. Class B RVs are really conversion vans or campers, under 8,000 pounds, less features than Class A but easier to maneuver. Class C or mini-RVs are down-sized counterparts of Class A models between 20 and 30 feet in length. Visit the website of a local RV dealer and Click Here for more information.

• Cost -; A new small to medium size RV costs just under $100,000, so one might consider a

• Used RV in Des Moines IA for the best price. As with any vehicle an RV depreciates in value as soon as it’s driven.

• Fuel Economy -; An RVs average fuel economy is 6-8 miles per gallon. The tanks are usually quite large (up to 300 gallons on Class A models), so one can typically put off refueling in favor of finding lower gas prices.

• Towing -; While RVs are driveable they are not practical to run around in which is why towing a vehicle behind them makes for a great option. This is perfect when parked in a campground as one doesn’t have to unhook all utilities just to make a grocery run.

• Self-Contained -; RVs have more than one battery which charge while the vehicle is moving or attached to a power source when camped. They operate systems such as lighting, running the water and pump, and appliances. RVs are equipped with large holding tanks for fresh water and waste water. On trips, they will have to be emptied and filled regularly, so the RV owner must be comfortable with these duties.

If you considering jumping into the RV world either as an occasional traveler or as a full-time living lifestyle, think about about purchasing a Used RV in Des Moines IA, for your first purchase. One can still get a quality, well-maintained RV for a fraction of the cost of a new RV, and often with a limited warranty.