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Buying Used Vehicles – Car Dealership Vs. Individuals

It’s a beautiful day, and you’re taking the family out for a fun day at the local park. Everyone and everything are loaded into the car, and you hear a “rrrrr” noise. The starter is turning over but nothing is happening, and eventually, the battery goes dead. This is the last time that old car is going to let you down and it’s time to replace it with a quality late-model car or SUV. However, should you check out private sales or go to a used car dealership? Here are some good reasons to see a trusted dealer for your needs.

Private Sales

It’s not hard to find used autos for sale from individuals. Some advertise in the classifieds, and you may see cars parked in yards or parking lots with “for sale” signs in the windows. It’s possible to get an excellent deal this way, but you take many chances (unlike with a reputable car dealership) and here is why:

  • You don’t know the source – anyone can sell a car, and there is no way to know if this person is telling the truth or not.
  • No guarantees – these sales are “as is.” In other words, if the engine goes out the next day, you are simply out the money that you paid.
  • Car history – most used cars from private sales don’t have a documented maintenance history.
  • No inspection – a private seller is not likely to let you take the car to a shop for an inspection, before buying

Used Car Dealership

A trusted used car dealership must follow all local and federal laws. They offer certified cars that have been carefully checked out. These businesses fully inspect their cars and make all the necessary repairs. You can be assured of the highest quality and best warranties for your car.