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Car Care Tips for College Students from a Covington Subaru Dealership

Life in college can be busier than most people think. Doing homework, attending extracurriculars, and preparing for exams are only some of the daily worries of students like you. Having almost no time for anything else, you can’t afford to experience major setbacks, such as your vehicle breaking. With your car in the shop, you may have no choice but to take public transportation to school and back, which is a time-consuming task. You may even need to skip some classes just to have your car checked and fixed at a Covington Subaru dealership.

One way to avoid this inconvenience is to learn basic car safety and maintenance. After all, a well-maintained vehicle not only performs well on the road but also lasts longer. Here’s a to-do list when caring for your car. 

Tire Changeover and Replacement

Driving with worn-out tires is dangerous. Tires can suddenly burst and cause you to lose control of the wheel. Don’t hesitate to replace them when you can barely feel their treads. Car tires also tend to wear out unevenly, depending on their position and your driving routine. For safety, make sure that you do a tire changeover every now and then so they deteriorate evenly.

Brake Check 

Always check your car’s brakes before hitting the road. The last thing you want is a car crash while you are on your way to school. There should be no squeaking noise coming from your car’s underside whenever you step on the brakes. Strange vibration created by the brake pedal may also indicate a serious problem.

Road Visual Maintenance

Keeping your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel is not enough to avoid accidents. You also need to have a clear view of the road. Never drive a car with a murky or cloudy windshield. At night, your headlight lenses must be free of dirt or anything that can reduce the headlights’ luminescence. Avoiding accidents helps keep your car intact for the long haul.

Fluid Level and Quality

Just as your body contains different kinds of essential fluids, your vehicle has fluids in its engine, brakes, transmission, and AC, too. These fluids become thick with dust and debris after many months of continuous use. You have to replace them when they are already full of contaminants. Also, check for leaks. Don’t wait for the engine or brake master cylinder to run dry before conducting a thorough inspection.

Belts and Head Gasket

The belts in your car’s internal combustion engine are responsible for the synchronized rotation of the crankshaft and the camshaft. The head gasket, on the other hand, prevents the engine oil or coolant from leaking into the engine’s cylinders. Check these components for wear and tear because many issues arise from them.

These are only car maintenance basics. While they certainly help prevent your car from breaking down, they can only do so much to keep your car in good shape. You will need professional car repair and maintenance at one point or another. In that case, you should turn to a Subaru dealership in Covington. For more helpful tips, check out Baldwin Subaru.