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Car Rental in Covington, LA Says College Students Should Have a Subaru

College life is a lot easier if you own a car. You can go anywhere you like and never have to worry about missing a ride to school or to your off-campus job. With Spring Break in full swing, even an unscheduled road trip may sound like a good idea since you have the needed transport. Dealerships offering car rental in Covington, LA, have a few tips for college students buying a car for the first time. They specifically recommend Subaru as the go-to maker and it’s not difficult to understand why.

A Make and Model for Everyone

While other car manufacturers are busy trying to outperform each other in terms of speed and technology, Subaru remains focused on building vehicles with the driver’s age and experience in mind. Luckily, most of their recent models are well-suited for all ages and would satisfy even the carefree, adventurous nature of college students. The BRZ and the STi are the most popular among students, not only because they are affordable, but also because they can deliver when the need for speed kicks in. Of course, the contemporary exterior body style of most Subaru makes and models also appeal to students.

An Emphasis on Passenger Safety

College students–and the young in general–are notorious risk-takers. They tend to get excited whenever an opportunity to speed up arises, making them prone to accidents. Recent surveys reveal that about nine people ages 16 to 19 die from car accident injuries every day. With Subaru’s EyeSight technology and steering responsive headlights, you can avoid crashing into anything even when you’re partially distracted. Unsurprisingly, it has received a number of awards over the years for its safety features, including being a Top Safety Pick by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).

Performance on All Terrains

One of the reasons many motorists prefer Subaru to other brands is that most of their lineup are AWD. This manufacturer has chosen to stick to its mission of making vehicles that are “inexpensive and built to stay that way.” And because of this, Subaru’s cars are also the most reliable when driving on off-road terrains, which makes them perfect for Spring Break escapades. There’s nothing more satisfying for an audacious driver than to learn that their city car can take on rugged terrains.

Budget-Friendly Units Everywhere

You probably saw this coming, especially if you have firsthand experience buying a Subaru in college. They have a horde of vehicles for students on a budget in need of safe, multi-purpose transport. The best part about Subaru cars that even dealerships offering car rental in Baton Rouge, Louisiana can confirm is that the so-called “affordable” vehicles are in no way low-quality. Even the pre-owned units can outperform a handful of brand-new units from other brands.

Your knowledge of a particular brand and model of cars can go a long way toward investing in the most suitable vehicle for your needs. As a college student, there’s no doubt that your best pick is Subaru. As to what specific make and model you should select, that’s up to you. There are many factors to consider, most of which involve your personal preference. Check out Baldwin Subaru for more helpful tips.