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When a vehicle’s transmission starts to go bad, it is very important that a person take the time to get it checked out as soon as possible. The cost of repairs for a transmission can be very high, but it can and will cost even more if the problem is ignored and the condition becomes worse. There are several different options for transmission service in Madison. It pays to do your research and be informed of the options available in Madison, WI. Being knowledgeable can help you save a lot of extra money.

Concerns to Know About

The first thing to know is that a person cannot just “get a new transmission.” If a transmission service in Madison claims that they can put in a new transmission in the vehicle, then this should immediately raise concerns. The reason is that new transmissions are only made by the vehicle manufacturer, and are only for placing in brand new vehicles. If you are being told a transmission is new, it is most likely a rebuilt or re-manufactured vehicle transmission and not a new vehicle transmission.

A rebuilt vehicle transmission is one that has been taken completely apart and each of the components has been carefully inspected. If there are any parts in the transmission that are broken, then the parts are replaced before the vehicle is put back together. They are re-assembled according to the strict manufacturer’s specifications. This means that any of the parts like gaskets, seals, or any bands are replaced with brand new ones before the transmission is considered rebuilt.

A third option is a re-manufactured vehicle transmission. The process for manufacturing a vehicle transmission is the exact same as the rebuilt vehicle transmission. The only major difference is that the process is done in a factory and not at a local repair shop. Also, when transmissions are manufactured they are done by the actual vehicle’s manufacturer or by an authorized vehicle manufacturer. This means a team of workers will break down, replace, and rebuild the vehicle transmission.

Small Repairs

For minor issues related to a vehicle transmission, a repair might be the best option. In this case, only the minor parts of the transmission are repaired. It does not require a technician to disassemble the entire transmission. Often times this involves just replacing the external seals to fix any leaks from the vehicle transmission.

The last option when it comes to vehicle transmission service is to replace the transmission with a used transmission. This is the cheapest way to replace a transmission because there is no additional work that needs to be done. The transmission is already in working order and just needs to be installed into the vehicle. They are simply taken out of a compatible vehicle. Contact Trans Works Transmissions for quality transmission service in Madison. Learn more about them at Sitename.