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Does Your Car Need an Auto Detail in Baltimore?

You take good care of your car. You get the oil changed regularly. You make it a point to run it through the car wash every once in a while. But could your car benefit from a thorough Auto Detail in Baltimore? You might be surprised to learn that a detailing can bring back a lot of the luster that your car once possessed. Sometimes the vehicle comes away looking brand new again. Here are several portions of an auto detail that your car could benefit from.


The exterior of your car is what tends to get the most attention. Whether you are driving down the street or parked in a lot, people are going to see your car. An auto detail in Baltimore begins with a washing of the exterior. All the bugs and debris that like to cling to the grill are removed, the tires are scrubbed, and all of the dirt is removed. After the wash, the car is rinsed, and protection becomes the priority. Usually, a detail involves waxing the vehicle. This makes the vehicle look great but it also provides some protection for the paint job, ensuring that it looks amazing for months to come.


Even if other people don’t see the interior, chances are you spend a considerable amount of time in there, and you want it to look great. Just like the exterior, the interior needs to be cleaned first. All surfaces are wiped down and in some cases, your upholstery is washed. All of the trash in the compartments is removed. If you’ve got sticky stuff in the cup holders, it gets scrubbed and cleaned. If you have an issue with your dash, it can be addressed. Sometimes the interior of the vehicle is also treated to some protection, making sure that the constant sun shining into the vehicle isn’t causing fading or damage.


With the inside and the outside of the vehicle clean, many car owners are ready to call it quits. However, auto detailing sometimes includes a thorough cleaning of the engine. The engine itself is degreased and some of the other parts are dressed to prevent them from cracking and breaking in the future. Some companies offer steaming services to get the engine really shining!

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