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Five Signs a Car Needs Brake Service

Having working car brakes is invaluable. However, can you recognize signs your car needs a brake service? This article provides five indicators of when to repair or replace your brakes.

Five Signs

The most common reason you need brake service issues from problems with brake pads. However, these are not the only components that provide the below easy-to-recognize indicators.

  1. Squealing/Squeaking: A metal shim (the indicator) begins to scream. Its high-pitched screeches alert you to the problem.
  2. Slow to Engage: Your brakes are not reacting as fast as they should.
  3. Grinding: If the noise you hear when you brake sounds like metal grinding harshly against metal, some parts of your brakes have been affected negatively.
  4. Vibration: When you drive, if you feel a vibration through the steering wheel. this may indicate the need to replace your brake pads or another component.
  5. Leaking: Fluid on the ground beneath your car might be brake fluid.
  6. Burning smell: If you smell something burning while you are driving or braking, you need to check your brake system.
  7. Pulling to one side: If your vehicle pulls to one side when you brake, the problem may lie with the brake caliper or hose.

Seek Professional Help

It does not matter whether you live in Davenport IA or Nome AK, if you notice any of the above signs, do not hesitate. Contact your local, dependable and reputable service shop. Arrange for a time and then take your vehicle in for brake service asap.

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