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The Ford F-150, Luxurious As A Car But Can Tow Five Tons

Over the last 20 years pickup trucks have gone through an interesting evolutionary process, what was once little more than a “tool” is now a luxury vehicle.

The 2017 Ford F-150 in Wheeling isn’t just the winner of awards, it is a truck that can compare and compete with any vehicle on the road. Over the years, the F-150 has gone from a basic, bare boned workhorse to a very refined vehicle suitable for any task. The F-150 has it all; lightweight aluminum body and bed, excellent powertrains and fabulous appearance options, the F-150 really is the complete package.

The new powertrain:

The original engine was a 3.5 L V6, it still is but the specs are very different. The second generation of this engine employs port injectors for light load efficiency and direct injectors take over when the truck is working under full load. The horsepower is up by 10 over the original engine and torque jumps a full 50 lb-ft. All this power is sent to the road through an all new 10 speed automatic transmission.

This new combination of engine and transmission increases the vehicles EPA ratings, up by a full 2 MPG in the city.

During normal, everyday driving the transmission shifts very smoothly, so much so that the only way you might even know it happened is if you happened to be looking at the indicator.

Trims and options:

If you are looking for a real hauler that will seat your whole crew the ideal combination is the mid level Ford F-150 in Wheeling in Lariat trim. If your idea is hauling, transporting people but doing it in luxury, then the King Ranch is for you.

Even the basic XL trim is great; it is the best seller for fleet use in the lineup, if you want to move up just a bit the XLT includes an infotainment system, superior material used for the interior and foglamps.

The Ford F-150 in Wheeling is available in a number of trims, one to suit every need and every budget. To look at the entire range you are invited to visit Arlington Heights Ford.