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Having A Certified Transmission Shop Diagnose Problems Will Save Moneys

Your car gets you to work, school, vacation, family events, shopping and everywhere else that you want and need to be. It can be difficult to get where you want to go without your own car. When you need a trustworthy transmission shop in Chicago, let us be your first choice. Our mechanics are trained and certified in transmission repair. We also handle a lot of other common car problems, such as front-end alignment, exhaust system repairs and brake replacements.

We understand that your time is precious, which is why we offer convenient appointment times for routine work. If your car has a sudden breakdown, we can help with that, too. We offer emergency car repair services that you can count on. If your car totally broke down, we accept drop-offs via tow truck. Just leave the engine key with us, fill out a brief piece of paperwork, and we will take a look. Our mechanics take the time to provide you with a full assessment of their findings. We pride ourselves on honesty and integrity, and we treat every person who walks through our doors like they are a family member.

After we let you know what your car’s problem is, we explain what we think is the best repair solution. We put it in writing, including the problem, our proposed solution and our cost estimate for the repairs. If you agree, we take your signature and get started on the work. We call you as soon as your car is ready for you to drive. We accept a variety of forms of payment, including most major credit and bank debit cards.

When you need a reliable transmission shop in Chicago, turn to our mechanics at S-O-S Transmissions. You can also check out our repair services online at website.

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