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Honda Dealerships in Klamath Falls Detail the Best Offerings for 2020

With the world becoming more focused on environment-conscious living every day, 2020 is set to be a pivotal year in ensuring that the human race begins to live more sustainably through the power of technology. With these changes come a leap in how technology is used to ensure drivers have a smoother, safer, and greener experience behind the wheel. 

For 2020, Honda places itselfs as a frontrunner in these advancements, and their most recent lineup is set to impress even the most die-hard motorheads. Before choosing which of their 2020 models best cater to your need for speed, know more about each of them and check out this breakdown provided by Honda dealerships near Klamath Falls.

Easy City Living

Those living in the hub of the city will need a vehicle that’s compact, quick and reliable. Enter the 2020 Honda Fit, a car much loved by those living an urban lifestyle. It had a major overhaul for 2020, boasting a longer nose but still maintaining its upright greenhouse that allows a roomy interior. The Fit prides itself on being a simple solution to busy city living, but Honda has provided the latest model with two-motor hybrid system. Those who’d rather go for the turbocharged 1.0-liter inline-3 engine can still expect decreased fuel consumption without a reduction in power.

The Open Road

Not everyone lives in a metropolis, and those who live their lives on the open road need technology that can keep up. Arguably, one of the best models of 2020 is the Honda Insight. If you’re spending more time behind the wheel, interior comfort is likely to be paramount, and Honda have introduced a host of computerized features for the coming year.

The inclusion of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto ensures drivers have technology at their fingertips, and a series of newly released safety systems aim to protect passengers in both rural and urban driving settings. These features, aligned with the latest technologies, secure Honda’s position as an innovator.

Some people prefer a sportier ride, which they can find with the Honda Civic Type R. Often favored by those with a more adventurous  side, the new model Type R appeals to a wider audience with its shorter rear wing and smaller wheels. The updated model enjoys a 2.0-liter VTEC turbocharged engine, which is described as the culmination of 70 years of Honda engineering. It also has an intelligent, adaptive damper system which controls suspension in all driving conditions. The model is also built with a carbon fiber wing spoiler and interior trim, both a stylish choice and one which reduces CO2 emissions, supporting the environment on a long term basis.

It’s no secret that Honda has stepped up its game with its advanced 2020 lineup. If you’re intrigued by these new features and want to determine which model is best for you, check out Klamath Falls Honda, one of the Honda dealerships near Medford, OR for more helpful tips on how to incorporate Honda’s technology into your lifestyle.