How To Choose A San Antonio TX Bad Credit Car Dealer

by | Dec 2, 2016 | Automotive

When searching for a San Antonio TX bad credit car dealer, you may think your options are limited. While it is always a good idea to go to someone who specializes in poor scores, some regular dealers may be able to help you, as well. The point is that you should know what you’re up against and get preapproval for a loan, making the process much smoother and easier.

Know The Score

Before you do much else, you should find out your scores and view your report six months before you hope to get a vehicle. If you don’t have that amount of time available to you, you’ll still want to get these items so you can see what others see and work toward improving them over time.


The best thing to do is get preapproved for a loan in San Antonio TX when you have bad credit. Dealerships can work with the loan company and you to smooth out the details and get you a vehicle. Likewise, you may be able to get better rates and can compare multiple quotes in a few short weeks. It’s always best to apply for loans within a 14 to 45-day timeframe to keep your scores from dropping more.

Special Features

Likewise, a car dealer that specializes in low scores may be able to help you get better deals. They may offer discounts if you get preapproval from someone else or may offer introductory interest rates, waived payments, forgiveness for missed payments and so much more, depending on location and dealership.

A San Antonio TX bad credit car dealer is more likely to help you get into a vehicle you can afford. Visit The KEY now to get preapproved, making the process easier for everyone involved.

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