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How to Drive Safely in Your Kia from Santa Fe, NM On a Busy Highway

It’s a jungle out there–and highways are infamous for being one. No matter how many years you’ve been driving, they can still be difficult to drive on. Nasty accidents can happen on highways, and many of them are caused by negligence. So if you’re planning to visit grandma’s house for Thanksgiving and there are miles upon miles of highways you must take on in your Kia from Santa Fe, NM, you must keep these tips in mind.

Tune Up Your Car

Never go on long drives in an unchecked car, especially if more than half of your journey is on a busy interstate highway. Inflate your tires, but keep the pressure at around 33 psi. Replace worn-out brake pads. Torque the lug nuts. Change the oil if you feel your engine grinding. You must do these things to avoid breakdowns on the highway, which are more dangerous than breakdowns on regular roads and slow lanes.

Rest Well Before the Long Drive

Long drives can be exhausting. Like your vehicle, you must be in good condition before sitting behind the wheels. Rest well the day before the journey. Don’t engage in activities that will leave you with joint and muscle pains. You don’t want those getting in the way of your gear shifts and steering wheel control. Eat well and let the food settle in your stomach before hopping in your vehicle. You need enough energy to last the journey.

Emergency and Exit Strategy

What will you do when a tire blows out or an engine belt snaps? Who should you call? You probably have a list of contacts in case of an emergency. But those are most likely from around your home or workplace. Remember that you’ll be hundreds of miles from home. Your current contacts may not be around when you need them. Scour yellow pages and directories for service centers along your preferred route. Also, mark your exit lanes so you can make a safe turn. Remember that this is a highway, and you’re dealing with all kinds of vehicles. You can’t afford to get distracted when turning toward an exit.

Keep Distance From Trucks

When you see a sign that says “keep distance,” you better comply. You will typically see this on large trucks with fragile or dangerous loads. If any of these big boys is tailgating you, just let them pass and stay in your lane. These vehicles are heavy, so they take time to slow down, even after hitting the brakes. It’s dangerous to keep them behind you at a considerable speed. If you’re driving a Kia from Santa Fe, NM, it’s better to avoid a collision with a 10- or 18-wheeler.

Not Too Fast, Not Too Slow

A collision happens when a driver fails to bring their vehicle to a complete stop before it makes contact with another vehicle. Many factors can lead to such a situation—the brakes are worn out, the car is moving too fast, or a safe distance wasn’t kept. For example, your car won’t stop immediately if you’re traveling at 50 mph and hit the brakes hard. And that’s good because you’d be flung off your seat if it did. It will take around 40 meters for it to stop completely. Imagine what would happen if you were just 10 meters from the vehicle in front of you. That’s why it’s essential to keep the proper distance and speed.

The dangers that await motorists on the road are the reasons why it’s required to pass a driving test before getting a driver’s license. It’s important to ensure your safety as well as others’ safety on the road. However, the knowledge you’ve gained from the driving course can only protect you so much. You must be extra careful to avoid accidents, especially on the highway. Check out Fiesta Kia for more helpful tips.