How To Keep Your New Chevy In Plainfield Clean

by | Jun 7, 2016 | Automobile

There are many reasons to keep your new car clean: impressing friends, personal pride in your vehicle, and wanting to ensure you stay safe while on the road are just a few. Most people tend to simply run their vehicle through a car wash every so often to get the job done, but experts say that cleaning your car yourself is the best way to ensure that your car looks its best. Here are a few tips on how to keep your new Chevy in Plainfield clean.

Wait Until Your Car Is Cool

In order to avoid unsightly streaks and spots it’s best to park your car in an area where it is sheltered from the sun, and give your engine and paint time to cool. Streaks tend to happen when the soap and water evaporate, so minimizing the chances of this occurring will go a long way to give your car a streak free shine each and every time you clean it.

Use A Number of Cloths

Don’t just use one cloth; use tons. You’ll want to use one cloth for applying your cleaning solution, one for rinsing it away, and another for drying the water off the vehicle. It’s also a good idea to use different clothes for the windows, in order to ensure residue doesn’t pass from one area of the car to another. Be sure that you use microfiber clothes to eliminate the risk of leaving fibers behind after you clean.

Avoid Ammonia

In addition to being famous for leaving behind streaks and spots, and for potentially damaging your paint, ammonia-based cleaners are also incredibly hazardous to your health. This becomes especially true if you need to clean the car in an area where the cleaning solution is likely to evaporate. Don’t take the risk, and simply use another cleaner instead.

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