How to Tell a Car Needs Wheel Alignment in East Lansing, MI

by | Oct 26, 2016 | Auto Repair

Driving with improper alignment can be damaging to the tires and in extreme circumstances can even be dangerous to drivers. Under ideal circumstances, this only needs to be done as often as is recommended by the manufacturer, but road conditions are often less than ideal. Thankfully there are ways to tell when Wheel Alignment in East Lansing MI is becoming necessary.

The easiest way to tell it’s time to head to the shop is by observing the wear of the tire tread. If the tread appears to be wearing unevenly, most frequently on the outside of one or more of the tires, it’s a good sign that they are out of alignment. Catching this early warning sign can help save car owners some money on new tires, as uneven wear will cause them to need to be replaced much sooner. It can also prevent further damage to the vehicle such as wearing out bearings, joints, and other elements of the suspension.

There are several signs to look for while driving that can indicate an alignment problem. The first is a noticeable drifting to one side. If the steering wheel is held straight and the driver is not trying to turn, but the car still seems to be drifting consistently to one side or the other, improper alignment is the most likely cause. This problem can also manifest itself through the steering wheel. Look at the steering wheel while driving straight ahead to be sure that it is centered. Also, make note of whether the steering wheel is vibrating noticeably.

When having, wheels realigned a technician will look at the camber, the toe, and the caster of each of the wheels. There’s no reason to put off Wheel Alignment in East Lansing MI. Car owners can potentially avoid more serious problems as well as increase the life span of their tires by ensuring that they are properly aligned. Shops such as Liskey’s Auto & Truck Service have the necessary tools and experience to perform tire realignments at reasonable prices. Still not sure whether or not wheel alignment is at the root of that shaking or pulling? Schedule an evaluation today.

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