Is A Subaru One Of The Best Cars That Money Can Buy?

by | Aug 19, 2016 | Automotive

New and used Subaru’s are racking up high marks for value, safety and quality. It is hard to understand the interest in Subaru vehicles, the company only has a miniscule percentage of the market and they only sell seven models.

Subaru have been in the US for over 40 years, it has always been strong in the Northeast and Northwest but little known elsewhere. With all of this, new and used Subaru in Joliet have more endorsements for quality and safety than almost any other vehicle manufacturer including the high-end, high priced German imports. The Subaru rates very high in comfort and reliability. The well respected “Consumer Reports” is of the opinion that the best cars in America are made by Subaru. As well as this accolade, it is also a fact that a used Subaru in Joliet holds its value better than mainstream brands.

Subaru can’t keep up with demand:

Although Subaru may be low-key you would not know it by sales performance. Subaru dealers can’t keep them on the lot, as soon as they arrive, they are gone. The sales of new Subaru’s have gone up by an amazing 26 percent year on year, double the growth rate of the automotive industry as a whole. As you can imagine, this leaves a lot of high value, reliable and high quality used Subaru’s ready to be driven away as well.

Subaru is a clever company with clever cars:

Subaru is a company that has a focus, it knows what the market wants and they are giving it to them. With limited resources Subaru has developed a range of vehicles that offer all-wheel drive, great fuel efficiency and safety bar none. In other words, a new or used Subaru in Joliet know more about the target market than anyone and gives it what it wants.

A used Subaru in Joliet is a great buy. Subaru’s are known to hold their value and they are hard to beat when it comes to quality, reliability and comfort. Visit Hawk Subaru in Joliet and have a look at the extensive inventory of used Subaru’s and other fine vehicles. Go to Hawk Subaru for more information and also follow us on Twitter.

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