Key Indicators You Need To Turn To Fleet Solutions

by | Apr 21, 2017 | Car Fleet Leasing

As a growing business, particularly in periods of rapid growth, expansion of the company can become a priority and infrastructure tends to take a backseat in growth plans and goals.

When your company has a fleet, which may be trucks or passenger vehicles, or when you dramatically increase your employee numbers and are using leased vehicles or making vehicle purchases for executives and employees, it is easy for the in-house fleet management team to become overwhelmed with work.

Managing a few executive cars and perhaps a few vehicles for sales reps is doable for most fleet managers when everything is operating out of one location. However, when just a limited number of changes occur, it is often time to turn to fleet solutions for better management and lower costs.

Multiple Vehicles in Multiple Locations

The greater the number and type of vehicles and the more locations where the vehicles are located, the more that having fleet solutions will result in money saved. This is due to the management systems that these companies already have in place.

Using telematics and cutting-edge maintenance and fuel management systems and software, vehicles don’t slip through the cracks for routine issues, reducing the risk of breakdowns and also boosting fuel economy and efficiency.

This can extend the life of vehicles, helping to reduce the need for frequent replacement. They should also be able to work with your team to find the lowest cost options in upgrading and upfitting, further saving you time and money.

Accident and Violation Management

The best fleet solutions will provide comprehensive coverage of issues such as accidents, violations and even provide discounts for tolls. They can provide all necessary inspections to keep your vehicles on the road.

This type of management service frees up your in-house fleet management teams to work on new business. Additionally, with dedicated, experts staff handling these issues, there is a third-party who can provide input and training to drivers to help prevent these costly types of problems in the future.

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