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Kia Dealers in Albuquerque, NM List Practical Spring Car Cleaning Tips

Spring is just around the corner. For most people, this means doing some heavy-duty house cleaning. However, as Kia dealers in Albuquerque, NM would point out, spring cleaning should also apply to your vehicles. If you live in a snowy part of the country, then you should definitely check these practical tips to make your vehicle look good again.

Remove all trash.

Start off by removing everything from your car’s interior and trunk. You might be surprised at how much trash has accumulated in your car during the winter. Check every nook and cranny for small pieces of trash. Make sure to vacuum every surface possible. Afterwards, you might want to lift up the floor mats and hose off the rubber floor mats underneath to remove the accumulated salt, dirt, and gravel.

Wipe down the interior.

Wipe all surfaces down – from the ceiling to the dashboard and seats, using a microfiber cloth. If you see hard-to-remove stains, you can try using a brush to gently scrub it off. Use the appropriate cleaning chemical to wipe the surfaces clean.

If you have leather upholstery, it will do you good to use a leather conditioner to maintain its integrity. However, if your car seats are upholstered with fabric, you should try to take it all off and wash it with hot water and a highly recommended fabric cleaner. According to Kia dealers around Albuquerque using the wrong fabric cleaner might leave soap stains in your car seat, so it’s best to check if your chosen fabric cleaner is compatible with your upholstery.

Hand-wash and wax your exterior.

Most car owners prefer automated car wash since it is fast and requires no work. However, as Kia dealers near Rio Rancho note, you should do a hand wash if you don’t want to damage your paint job. To hand wash, all you need are two buckets – one to hold the wash solution and the other to hold the rinsing water, a hose with nozzle (to remove all the salt from the undercarriage), car shampoo and conditioner, tire and rim cleaner, and an assortment of sponges, rags, and microfiber cloth. Wash your car from the top and use some mild abrasive to remove stains. Afterwards, you can turn your focus on the wheel wells and the undercarriage where salt is collected.

Dry the entire surface using cotton towels then complete the work with polishing or waxing.

Get under the hood.

Just like the undercarriage, your car’s hood can also collect dirt, leaves, and other debris. Clean everything out. If you decide to clean the engine with water and detergent, then you should disconnect the battery cables first to prevent any accidents.

Clean the windows.

The most obvious method to clean glass is to use a glass cleaner. However, if your windows including the windshield have a tint, then you might be destroying it with a cleaner. As much as possible, find a cleaner that has no ammonia so that it can both clean and protect your glass surface.

Clean your lights and side mirrors, too.

To ensure your safety while driving, you really should not forget to clean the lights and the side mirrors. Instead of just spraying a glass cleaner, you should try using a warm, damp cloth to wipe your lights. Remove the lens and drain it of moisture, then buff it with a micro-abrasive to buff the scratches. Aside from cleaning, you should also take time to inspect the bulbs of your lights to make sure that they don’t need replacements. For the side mirror, you can use the same cleaner that you used to clean the windows.

Breathe a new life to your vehicle this coming spring season by following this cleaning guide. Also, check out Fiesta Kia for more helpful tips.