Learning The Basics Of Auto Repair In East Lansing, MI

by | May 25, 2016 | Auto Repair

Auto repairs are a necessity of life. Car owners, at one time or another, need to visit the mechanic. Interestingly, brake work is the number one consumer request. Brake pads get more wear and tear than other car parts. Fortunately, it is not expensive to replace the pads. A full brake job could include disc, drum, and rotor repair. And, this will be more expensive. Additionally, experts recommend changing the automobile’s oil every three thousand miles. Further, it is important to keep enough oil in the engine. That is because oil lubricates the various parts of the engine.

Liskey’s Auto & Truck Service handles Auto Repair in East Lansing MI. They check the customer’s oil and will change it if necessary. Another important part of maintenance is taking care of the radiator and coolant system. Problems with the radiator cause the engine to overheat. When the engine overheats, the damage can be expensive. Periodically, a mechanic should flush the system. Likewise, the driver needs to keep enough coolant in the car. Next, problems with tires can be expensive and dangerous. Tire pressure needs to be balanced. If not, a tire could have a slow leak. This may eventually lead to a blow-out. In addition, tires should be rotated periodically to keep the tread wear even.

Transmission problems are a very expensive Auto Repair in East Lansing MI. The transmission is what changes the car’s gears. If the gears do not work, the car cannot move forward and backward. Transmission repairs are costly because there is a lot of work involved. Indeed, mechanics have to move the engine to get to the transmission. Replacing the battery is a relatively common and easy problem. Often when a car fails to start, it is because the battery is dead. Remember, car batteries only last about four years. On the other hand, there may be a starter problem. Replacing a starter is an expensive proposition. Finally, make sure the air conditioner is working well when hot weather comes. Get the air conditioning checked by a professional. Indeed, they may have to add refrigerant. A car is a machine, and all machines need periodic maintenance.

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