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Lincoln Car Dealers Reveal Secrets to Protecting you Leather Car Seats

There’s just something about gleaming leather car seats that simply scream “elegance” and “luxury”. According to several Lincoln car dealers around New Orleans LA, leather seats give that lush and expensive vibe absent from other upholstery options. With proper care and maintenance, leather seats can make any old vehicle’s interior look like brand new.

A Lincoln car dealership near me divulges top secrets and dispels some common myths in protecting your car’s leather seats.

Even new car seat leather needs some TLC
The most common misconception about leather seats, according to some Lincoln dealers near McComb MS, is that new leather seats don’t need regular maintenance. Though modern technology has improved the overall quality of leathers significantly, specifically its recovery properties, it doesn’t change the fact that your leather upholstery still needs to be cleaned and treated regularly.

Use a small handheld vacuum as often as needed to collect any dirt and debris from your leather seats. This will minimize the chance of getting your leather scratched while avoiding dirt buildup.

Want that new car smell? Spray some leather cleaner.
Apply liberal amounts of leather cleaner and use a clean microfiber cloth to wipe it all down. Most hardware stores and car shops offer different brands of leather cleaner. If you are not sure which brand to purchase, you can always do spot testing on your seats. However, for best results, you should choose a specialized leather spray to keep your seats clean without damaging the leather.  

A note of warning, though: never use a non-leather cleaning spray (i.e. furniture spray) as a substitute. While these are remarkably cheaper than specialized leather sprays, they are also incompatible with the material and might do more harm than good to your upholstery.

Choose liquid over cream leather conditioner.
Leather conditioners should be applied every 3 to 4 months to prevent it from drying, fading, and cracking. In general, liquid leather conditioners are slightly better than creams since it can penetrate the seats deeper. Choose a water-based liquid leather conditioner and apply it generously on each seat.

Allow 4 to 6 hours after application to ensure that the leather has completely absorbed the conditioner.

When is the best time to clean and condition your leather car seats?
Ideally, you should clean and condition your leather car seats at least once a month. However, if your busy schedule can’t afford you time to do so, make it a habit to maintain your leather car seats at least 4 times a year or once every three months. Remember, just a few minutes of your time can extend the life of your leather car seats and ensure that you’ll enjoy that luxurious interior for a very long time.

A leather cleaning kit is a worthy investment, especially for those who purchased their vehicles from Lincoln dealerships around New Orleans LA and opt to choose from their wide range of leather interiors.

If you like to drive a luxury sedan with a nice leather interior, check out a Baldwin Lincoln dealer in the New Orleans, LA area and have their expert salesperson help you choose the most ideal vehicle that suits you.