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Lincoln Car Dealers Share 9 Important Winter Driving Safety Tips

Driving in the winter can be challenging due to the various weather conditions that can arise, such as snow, ice, and sleet. However, with proper preparation and a cautious attitude, you can stay safe on the road and make it to your destination. Lincoln car dealers have some winter driving safety reminders for motorists in Covington, LA.

Run a quick inspection before hitting the road

Check your vehicle’s condition before hitting the road. This means inspecting the brakes, tires, windshield wipers, and headlights to ensure they fully function. Always consider the dangers you might get into if any of these essential components are faulty when you drive. You must also have an emergency kit in your car that includes a blanket, flashlight, and extra clothes in case you get stranded.

Keep a safe distance from other vehicles

Always remember to slow down and leave extra space between yourself and the car in front of you. Under normal circumstances, you should be three seconds away from other vehicles. But in winter, vehicles must be at least six seconds apart. This gives you more time to react to unexpected situations on the road. Additionally, be aware of black ice, a thin layer of ice on the road’s surface that’s hard to see but very slippery.

Use your headlights more often, even during daytime

Lincoln dealerships also advise motorists to always drive with their headlights on, even during the daytime. Not only does this illuminate your path, it also makes your vehicle more visible to other drivers. The same goes for your turn signals when changing lanes or turning. Turn them on to let other drivers know your intentions.

Stay out of the snow plow’s range

Maintain a safe distance from vehicles with snow plows or snow chains. These vehicles can kick up snow and ice, obstructing your view of the road and potentially causing damage to your car. Even the thickest winter windshield wipers may not be tough enough to deal with snow smashed on your windshield by these plows.

Slow down to maintain a grip on the road

Use low gear on an icy road to maintain traction and control. Also, avoid sudden movements and braking, as this can cause your vehicle to slide too fast, bump into another car, or fall into a ditch.

Skid towards your destination, not the side

In case of skidding, remain calm and steer in the direction you want the front of your car to go. If your vehicle has anti-lock brakes, press the brake pedal firmly and hold it. If it doesn’t work, pump the brake pedal to avoid skidding.

Always have snow-removal tools in your trunk

The weather in winter is unpredictable. You never know when a snowstorm might occur. If you get stuck in the snow, straighten the wheels and use a shovel to clear snow away from the tires. For added traction, you can also pour sand or cat litter in front of the tires.

Constantly check the daily weather reports

Even if you’ll hear mostly the same thing about winter weather, it’s still crucial to watch the weather forecast before heading out. If a winter storm is expected, it may be best to stay off the roads until conditions improve.

Never drive when you’re ill or feeling drowsy

Lastly, staying alert and focused while driving in the winter is essential. Avoid distractions, such as using your phone or eating, and take regular breaks if you feel drowsy.

Winter driving requires proper preparation, a cautious attitude, and adaptability. These nine tips can help you stay safe on the road until you reach your destination. They are beneficial for people who drive to work daily. Contact a Baldwin Lincoln car dealer in New Orleans, LA if you need more helpful tips.