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Looking for a Sporty, Fuel Efficient Vehicle?

Are you looking for a sporty car that gets great gas mileage? Consider the Ford Fiesta in Crestwood. This car is a favorite with drivers who want a comfortable ride in a stylish vehiclethey love. Checkout a few reasons why many drivers are opting for a Ford Fiesta as their next car.

Storage Space

Whether you choose the sedan or hatchback, a Ford Fiesta in Crestwood gives you the space you need for groceries, sports equipment, suitcases, work files or any other items you need to transport in your daily life. Just throw your items in the back and go!

The Latest Technology for Safety

A Ford Fiesta comes with cutting edge technology that gives you a safer, more pleasant driving experience. A tire pressure monitoring system, child-safety rear door locks, a rearview camera and seven standard airbags are just a few of the safety features available in this vehicle. This modern technology gives you peace of mind as you travel the city or the country with your family and friends.

Fuel Efficiency

The numbers go up and down at the gas pump for various reasons throughout the year. So, you want a car that uses its fuel efficiently while giving you a comfortable ride. The Ford Fiesta has excellent fuel efficiency making it easy on the weekly budget and environmentally friendly.

So, consider the Ford Fiesta for your next car. It’s available in many bright, appealing colors making it a sporty addition to the road. The roomy interior with its carpeted front mats, air conditioning, map lights, power door locks and power windows make this car a pleasure to travel in. Visit Hawk Ford of Oak Lawn or go to for more information on the Ford Fiestas available near you.