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No-Nonsense Tips for Getting Cheaper Car Insurance in Chicago, IL

Most people rely on motor vehicles to get around. While owning a vehicle is something you should be happy about, the burden of car insurance can make car ownership difficult to appreciate. Even though the state of Illinois always requires you to have auto insurance, you can work around expensive insurance payments. These tips should help you get cheaper car insurance in Chicago, Illinois.

Get Other Drivers on Your Policy

Most insurance companies offer multiple ways for you to get discounts. Many of them offer sizable discounts for adding additional drivers to your policy. Positive referrals go a long way in all areas of business.

This is especially true in the insurance industry, which typically relies on year-long contracts. Put simply, insurers value customers more than grocery stores, where consumers typically visit every few days. Ask roommates, family members, or housemates to join your car insurance policy for a discount.

Don’t Get Collision or Comprehensive Coverage

When Illinois legislators first began requiring drivers to have insurance, they wanted drivers who caused accidents to be able to repay victims. Liability coverage, the most basic level of coverage, meets these requirements in Illinois.

Although collision and comprehensive coverage covers your accident-related expenses, they cost much more than liability coverage. Opt for liability coverage to save money.

For Lower Premiums, Raise That Deductible

You’ll only need to pay a deductible if you want your insurer to cover an accident. If you’re only interested in car insurance for making the state happy, you should consider raising your deductible. Although you might not be able to afford the deductible after an accident, you’ll definitely save money on premiums.

If you’re interested in finding cheaper car insurance in Chicago, reach out to Insured ASAP Insurance Agency today.