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Professional Auto Repair Service Technicians Diagnose Confusing Symptoms

An Auto Repair Service technician is familiar with a huge range of symptoms indicating something is wrong with the vehicle. In some cases, one symptom is associated with several possible problems. Professional diagnosis by an auto mechanic is essential to pinpoint the issue and begin a plan of action.

For instance, problems with the steering system, wheel alignment or shocks assembly have some similar symptoms. The driver may believe that when the car tends to pull or drift to one side, this may indicate the need for a wheel alignment. The same is true if the driver has noticed uneven tire wear. However, there may actually be something wrong with the steering components or the struts.

Depending on the type of vehicle, clunking noises in the front could signal a problem with the tie rods. On the other hand, there may be a problem with a different part of the suspension. Many vehicles have struts in front, and enough wear and tear on these parts can lead to similar noises.

The “check engine” light can be maddening since it provides virtually no information to the vehicle owner other than the indication that a problem has occurred. It could be something as similar as a gas cap that has become worn enough not to fit tightly enough anymore, or something as major as a bad cylinder. An array of issues between these two extremes may be causing the light to come on. Bringing the vehicle to a professional Auto Repair Service in Winchester VA is the best choice. A technician can run diagnostic testing that shows electronic codes connected with specific malfunctions.

As a car or pickup truck ages and has many miles put on it, components can begin to develop leaks due to worn seals and other flaws. Oil can leak out of several places, as can power steering fluid. Vehicle owners may find it nearly impossible to figure out which part needs attention. Technicians at a garage such as CARSTAR Patriot Collision Center will figure out where the leak is located and provide skilled repair work.