Reasons for Different Estimates for Collision Repair in Johnson County

by | Jan 25, 2017 | Auto Repair

When a driver is in an accident, the first part of the repair process involves getting an estimate for Collision Repair in Johnson County. If the insurance company is involved, their adjuster will put together an estimate. Alternatively, a driver can get his or her own estimates from local collision repair shops. Because there are widely accepted methods of body and paint repair, a customer may expect prices to be similar from one shop to another. However, notable differences can exist for the following reasons.

Different Parts are Used in Estimates

Parts differences typically cause the biggest differences in collision repair estimates. The use of recycled, OEM, or aftermarket items can have a significant effect on repair costs. Insurers may want to use a certain part type, while collision repair shops’ preferences may differ. Drivers should understand the costs and benefits of the different types of parts before authorizing repairs.

Not Every Estimate is Thorough

Many auto repairs involve damage that’s readily visible as well as issues that can only be seen during disassembly. Initial estimates only include visible damage, while a supplemental estimate covers hidden problems. Body shop estimators may assume a certain extent of hidden damage based on experience, which can affect the estimated price. Drivers should discuss the potential for hidden damage, particularly if they’re paying for the repairs.

Periodic Discounts and Promotions

The business of Collision Repair in Johnson County is similar to other customer service fields in that it’s possible to find discounts on services and products. These can take the form of a percentage deducted from the bill or a lower labor rate. In some instances, a driver may be eligible for a discount because of membership in a professional organization. Such savings can help to offset the cost of a rental car or an insurance deductible, and it’s worthwhile to ask for all possible discounts.

Regardless of who offers the estimate, the driver should understand what the repair entails. If the body shop’s estimator isn’t willing to discuss the estimate, the customer should go elsewhere. Visit Warrensburg Collision Repair Center to learn how to maximize repair quality while minimizing cost.

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