Reasons to Call an Auto Glass Repair Service Newport News, VA

by | Apr 26, 2016 | Auto Repair

It is possible to drive a car or truck for years and never have any problem with the windshield or any of the other auto glass. One day, something happens, and that glass is no longer as strong as it was before. At this point, the only logical thing to do is contact an Auto Glass Repair Service Newport News VA and get some help. Here are a couple of examples that merit such a call.

Gravel and Windshields Don’t Mix

While driving along the highway one day, the vehicle just ahead runs over some loose gravel. As it is flung from beneath the tires, a couple of pieces hit the windshield with a great deal of force. What was once a pristine windshield now has two noticeable dings. If something is not done soon, those dings will begin to create cracks that will eventually run the length of the shield.

The key is to act before the situation can get worse. By contacting a local auto glass repair service in Newport News VA, it is possible to find have a professional check the condition of the windshield and determine if it can be repaired. Thanks to the methods in use today, there’s a good chance that the dings can be sealed permanently. That will alleviate the stress on the windshield and keep it strong. In the best case scenario, the product used for the job will make it virtually impossible to detect the location of the dings.

And a Limb Came Down

The storm last night was rough, but the car owner didn’t realize how rough until the following morning. After opening the front door, the owner is greeted with the sight of a limb laying across the hood and windshield of the car. After removing the limb, there is a nice crack in the shield. Fortunately, a glass repair service will be able to seal the crack in no time at all. Depending on the terms of the auto insurance policy, the owner may not even have to pay anything out of pocket for the repair.

For anyone staring at a damaged windshield, visit and arrange for a professional to take a look. There’s a good chance that a simple repair will allow the customer to get many more years of use from the windshield.

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