Regular Car Service Can Save You Money

by | Jul 17, 2017 | Auto Repair

Unfortunately, many car owners look at regular service as an expense, they fail to realize that regular Ford service in Barrington will save them money.

Regular service and maintenance helps to avoid major problems and major expenses as the vehicle ages. It is also true that regular service reduces the cost of operation; the cost of operating your car, per mile, is lower.

Some routine vehicle maintenance can be done by the owner; it is often a lot quicker, a lot easier and a lot better to leave it to your dealer.

Tire pressure:

It is estimated that about 20 percent of the energy your car consumes is directed related to the tires. To ensure this percentage does not go higher and have a much larger impact of fuel consumption, the tires on your car must be at optimum inflation pressure. When the tire pressure is correct you use less fuel and extend the life of the tires considerably.

Oil change:

The quality of the oil in the engine cannot be underemphasized. Without the proper amount of clean oil, the engine friction will quickly destroy and engine. Not only does oil lubricate, it helps to prevent damage from excessive heat and minute particles that come from a running engine.

It is extremely important to use the correct grade and quantity of oil and to replace the filter at the same time. For this, Ford service in Barrington is your best bet.

Full service:

When you book your car into your dealers for service everything will be checked and double checked. When the service has been completed you can rest assured that your car is safe, running at optimum performance and ready for many more trouble free miles.

It may be tempting to service your car yourself with a view toward saving money. A service professional knows what to do and has all the right tools to do the job correctly, saving you time and money and extending your vehicles useful life.

You have a lot of money invested in your car; don’t jeopardize it by providing it with less than perfect service. For the best Ford service in Barrington you are invited to make an appointment with Arlington Heights Ford.

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