Should You Replace Your Air Brake Parts With Hydraulic Ones?

by | Aug 3, 2017 | Auto Parts

Since the 19th century, air brakes have held a prominent place in commercial trucks. For 80 of those years, companies like Truck Parts & Equipment, Inc. have provided semi truck drivers with Brake Parts. It is well known how safety improved for automobiles during the 1980s with the linking of hydraulic brakes with anti-lock braking systems (ABS). Now, it is possible to incorporate the same system in large trucks. Hydraulic Brake System Advantages Practically incompressible, hydraulics reduces brake applying delays. Their counterpart, on the other hand, due to air’s natural compressibility has been known to hinder brake performance in air braking systems. Hydraulic brakes also can stop a vehicle in a shorter distance than air brakes – making the former, in the opinion of some, ideally the more reliable system.

  • Hydraulic brake systems are simple in their componential makeup. They require only caliper assemblies, a master cylinder, hydraulic reservoir, and brake lines. Considerably comprised of more components, air brake systems include multiple valves, brake lines, a compressor, air dryer, brake assemblies, and tank.
  • In addition to having fewer parts, hydraulic systems are also cheaper and smaller than air brake systems. Interestingly, what may help minimize its costs is the fact that a rig which uses hydraulics for operational purposes other than braking, already has a hydraulic pump conveniently installed.
  • There are notable integration and coupler benefits of air brake and hydraulic systems. Nowadays, commercial trucks can merge the two systems – adding to vehicles greater deceleration security and steadiness. Tractors would have the advantages of hydraulics, and the trailer will maintain use of the air braking system.

Longstanding Benefits of Air Brakes Now that automotive technology has improved to allow the incorporation of hydraulic brakes and ABS with heavy-duty trucks, the benefits are clear. However, with more than a century’s reign, one must not forsake the benefits of air brake systems.

One attractive advantage of having a brake system that functions from the air is the endless supply of the fuel and at no additional cost. Moreover, hydraulic systems are subject to oil-leaks. Whereas, leakage is not a typical occurrence with air brake systems. Since the system’s compressor is designed to fulfill the need for air pressure consistently, any minor leak will unlikely be critical. Truck Parts & Equipment, Inc. is a one-stop shop for all dump and heavy-duty truck parts. A full list of Brake Parts, mechanic services, and available equipment are at website domain. You can also like them on Facebook for more information.

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