Why Routine Brake Inspection in Forest Lake MN is Important

by | Feb 16, 2018 | Auto Repair

Northern roads with salt and other rust-causing deicing materials are responsible for a certain amount of corrosion to vehicles. Brake shoes are vulnerable to corrosion not only because of deicers but because of general pollutants on the roads and in the air, especially acidic ones. A routine brake inspection in Forest Lake MN by a qualified automotive technician allows car owners to catch problems early. The problem can be resolved before safety issues develop or more expensive damage occurs.

Wear and Tear on Brake Shoes

Brake shoes, situated inside drum brakes, take a beating every time the vehicle is driven. They have to slow and stop the vehicle again and again, numerous times during virtually any trip. In addition to becoming corroded, brake shoes also pick up road dirt, dust, and oily grime. When it comes to time replace these parts, they can be very difficult to remove because of the accumulated rust and other debris.

Extending the Life of Brakes

Extending the life of brakes and other essential components can be accomplished by having the car, sports utility vehicle or pickup truck washed regularly. The owner also should thoroughly hose off the wheels occasionally between car washes.

An automotive technician can perform a Brake Inspection in Forest Lake MN whenever it’s time for a tire rotation. It’s better to get repair work done before noises develop that indicate serious issues. If the driver has noticed squealing from the brakes, the technician may be able to stop this by cleaning inside the brake drums. Sometimes this is all that’s necessary.

More Serious Noises

By the time grinding sounds are heard, the protective lining has worn away and the shoes are stopping the vehicle through metal-on-metal pressure on the interior of the drums. Brakes are much less effective when this situation develops.

Sometimes only the shoes must be replaced at a garage such as American Imports, but normal wear and tear over time may require replacement of the drums and wheel cylinders too. Shoes on both sides should be replaced at the same time. Check out Americanimportsmn.com for information on this particular automotive repair center.

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