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Routine Maintenance at an Automotive Repair Shop in Wheeling IL Boosts Vehicle Longevity

Some people want to make the car or truck they own now last forever, or at least for much longer than is typical. With routine maintenance and prompt repair work at an Automotive Repair Shop in Wheeling IL, vehicles can easily run more than 200,000 miles without developing very pricey problems.

Routine Oil Changes

Perhaps the most-recommended tip for vehicle longevity is to get the oil and oil filter changed according to the schedule in the owner’s manual or maintenance schedule from the manufacturer. A full-service oil change is a smart idea, since it usually includes inspecting belts and hoses for wear, as well as topping off all fluid levels that are low. How often an oil change is necessary is the subject of much debate; following the manufacturer’s guidelines is best.


A garage like Dundee & Wolf Automotive offers a wash and detailing service including an under-body flush, paint sealant and interior cleaning. Regular car washes keep rust at bay, not only on the vehicle body but on components such as the exhaust system. The website provides more information on this task, as well as other maintenance repair services.

Cooling System Flushing

The coolant gradually gets dirty over time and should be drained and replaced every couple of years, although this is service many vehicle owners don’t bother with. Automotive technicians at an Automotive Repair Shop in Wheeling IL also flush out the system, so it’s sparkling clean before the new fluid is added.

Transmission Fluid Changes

Following the manufacturer’s recommendations for scheduling a transmission fluid change can increase the longevity of that major component. Those recommendations vary a great deal, generally ranging from every 30,000 miles to every 100,000 for most passenger vehicles.

Many vehicle owners find that if they take excellent care of their car, they may even feel inclined to keep it when a significant problem finally does occur. For example, getting a rebuilt engine installed in an older car or truck that has been very well maintained may seem more sensible than buying a used vehicle with an unknown history. It’s certainly cheaper than buying a brand new car. You can also follow them on Twitter for more updates.