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Shopping Tips for Getting A Great Deal On Used Cars for Sale

It can be daunting to look over all the makes and models of pre-owned vehicles on the market and try to narrow down your choice. However, there are a few practical steps that anyone in Philadelphia can use to determine the ideal type of used cars for sale that meets their driving requirements.

Passenger Requirements

A critical factor for most drivers is the number of passengers possible in the vehicle. For family types of vehicles, sedans and SUVs are always a top choice. For commuter vehicles, coupes, sports cars, and compact SUVs are always a popular choice.

Cargo Capacity

Most people require some amount of cargo space in their vehicle. Think about the specific needs you have for running errands, transporting kids and equipment, or other types of carrying capacity needs. SUVs are one of the top options in used cars for sale for both cargo and passenger space.

Features and Technology

Newer models of used cars for sale Philadelphia, and particularly the certified pre-owned vehicles, tend to have the latest in features and technology. Older models of pre-owned vehicles may have older versions of safety and driver-assist features, which can decrease the price on the lot.


Knowing your budget, including your trade-in value, allows you to choose vehicles and negotiate with confidence. Keep in mind, dealerships in the Philadelphia area offer promotions, incentives, and specials on their pre-owned inventory as well as their new vehicles on the lot.