Signs a Vehicle Needs Transmission Resealing Service in Mt. Pleasant, WI

by | Apr 18, 2016 | Auto Repair

Every vehicle is different, and some wear out faster than others do, but if one owns a vehicle long enough, it will need transmission service eventually. Whether this means that the transmission requires servicing, rebuilding, or replacement often depends on how long the issues have lasted and on the amount of damage was done. Most cars exhibit warning signs of transmission failure, and the sooner it’s brought in for Transmission Resealing Service Mt Pleasant WI, the lower the expense will be.

Issues When Shifting Gears

Because gears are such an important component of a car’s transmission, irregularities when shifting are a sure sign that the transmission is in the early stages of failure. Symptoms can include those such as:

  *     Stuttering or hesitation when putting the vehicle in gear

  *     Slipping out of gear when driving

  *     Shifting for no reason

  *     Jerking with each gear shift

If a vehicle is exhibiting any of the above symptoms, the driver should bring it in for a professional evaluation.

Shimmying or Grinding Between Gears

If a gear shift produces a loud grinding noise (in a manual transmission) or a shimmying/shaking (in an automatic transmission), it could signal serious issues. In any event, if these symptoms are present, they shouldn’t be left untreated. Bring the vehicle in for service right away.

Whining and Other Noises

Typically, transmission issues are present when a vehicle makes odd noises such as buzzing, whining, or clunking. If the car is very noisy when it’s in neutral, it should be checked out. Parts other than the transmission may cause such noises, but they shouldn’t be ignored.

Cloudy or Burnt Transmission Fluid with a Burning Smell

Normal automatic transmission fluid is bright red in color and has a sweet smell. The burning smell can also come from overheated components and, if the transmission is failing, one may be able to smell burnt fluid when exiting the vehicle. When the fluid is dark and smells burnt, take it as a sign of trouble and get the transmission serviced as soon as possible.

Fluid Leaks

If there’s red fluid under the car, it should be taken in for service immediately. A leak isn’t necessarily indicative of transmission failure, but leaving it untreated can cause significant damage in the long term. When it’s time for Transmission Resealing Service Mt Pleasant WI, Visit online to find out how Govednik Automotive Inc. can provide the prompt, courteous service drivers expect.

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