Signs That It’s Time for an Auto Transmission Tune-up in Mesa

by | May 29, 2019 | Auto Repair

Where transmission issues are concerned, an Auto Transmission Tune-up in Mesa may prevent a small problem from turning into a big and costly one. Because a car’s transmission is continually exposed to such high levels of stress and heat, it’s almost inevitable that it will have problems at some time. Below, drivers will learn the most common signs of impending transmission failure, and they’ll also learn how area transmission specialists will help them stay on the road.

Difficulty Going Into Gear

If it requires multiple attempts to get a car to go into gear, there’s a good reason to believe there’s a transmission issue that should immediately be addressed. Call today to schedule an evaluation and receive repair recommendations.

Random Shifts Out of Gear

When a vehicle jumps out of gear for no apparent reason, a driver should be concerned about their transmission as well as the fact that they no longer have full control of the vehicle. A transmission that randomly shifts out of gear is a safety risk, not just to the driver, but to others, and it should be addressed immediately.

Jerky Shifts

A sign of a worn-out transmission or component is that the vehicle will suddenly lurch or jerk during shifting. It’s never normal, and it points to a serious issue in need of evaluation.

Fluid Leaks

Along with other automotive maintenance tasks, it’s good to occasionally look at the ground below the vehicle. If there’s a clear reddish fluid, the transmission may have a fluid leak. To avoid bigger and more expensive issues, get the leak fixed right away.

A Burning Smell

When transmission fluid smells burnt or turns to a dark colour, it’s a sure sign of the need for an auto transmission tune-up in Mesa. Don’t put it off; call today to schedule service.

Keep Moving With Transmission Service and Repair

A vehicle’s transmission has hundreds of moving parts, and a problem with any one of those components may have far-reaching consequences. With early detection and periodic maintenance, though, many problems are preventable. Click here for more details or call today to request an appointment.

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