Subaru Dealership in Albuquerque Debunks Most Common Car-Buying Myths

by | Feb 21, 2020 | Autos

For most people, purchasing a car can be pretty stressful. You need to do an extensive amount of research before ultimately deciding on the make and model of the vehicle that you want to buy. Research also often includes asking your friends’ and relatives’ opinions on how to get the best car deals.

Unfortunately, some (if not most) of the car-buying strategies they give you are either outdated, questionable, or just plain wrong. This is why a Subaru dealership in Albuquerque NM is gladly sharing some of their precious car-buying wisdom while expertly dispelling some of the most common headache-inducing auto-shopping “tips” that you have probably heard from your loved ones.

Myth 1: The most ideal time to buy a car is when it’s raining, at the end of the month, or near the dealership’s closing time.

There are car enthusiasts who fervently believe that car dealers are always desperate to sell when you catch them at these times and would accept even the lowest offer just to close a deal. A dealership specializing in Subaru in Albuquerque NM reveals that this is far from the truth. Ironically, these are the times when car sales are at their peak since so many people flock to dealerships because of this misguided notion.

Now, if you really want to get the best car deals, try shopping for a vehicle during the end of the model or design cycle. Since manufacturers will be ushering a newer version of the vehicle, the price tags of the older design or model are more likely to be reduced. Another ideal time to purchase a car is at the end of calendar year when dealerships offer special discounts and incentives to close the year with high sales.

Myth 2: Be quick to grab a car deal before it expires.

Any salesperson worth their salt has used this tactic one way or the other: put intense pressure on the buyer by telling them that the “exclusive” deal is only good for a limited time and that they’ll probably never get a deal as “good” as the current offer. The reason behind this is simple – to prevent you from shopping around and actually getting a better car deal from somebody else.

The key is to not let yourself be stressed out or rattled by the salesperson’s unreasonable badgering. Never let the pressure lead you to impulsively buying a car. Unless you are targeting to buy a very limited, special edition vehicle, there’s no need to rush. Chances are that the deal that they are offering will still be there on your next visit.

Myth 3: Lower monthly payment means you got the best deal.

Don’t be fooled by the seemingly affordable price tag of your monthly payments. If you need to bring a pen, paper, and calculator to help you compute while you are talking to the car dealer, do it. Always take into account the overall cost of the vehicle, especially if money’s tight.

For example, you may think you have been saving a few thousand dollars on your monthly payments, but actual costs may show that you are paying more than half of your perceived savings on inflated interest. Bottomline, not only have you failed to save some money, you have also paid more than what the car is worth considering that its value depreciates over time.

Don’t just believe every car-buying “tip” you get. If you really want to get the best car deals, check out a Fiesta Subaru car dealer in the Albuquerque NM area.

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