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The Difference Between Laminated and Tempered Auto Glass in Chicago

When a car’s window is broken, the owner must have it replaced as soon as possible. Two types of auto glass for Chicago vehicle owners are provided. Laminated glass is for windshields and tempered glass for the other windows. Both are stronger than standard glass products.

Laminated Glass

Laminated auto glass from Chicago window repair services has two pieces of glass with a sheet of plastic film between them. The glass can be either tempered or a standard product. Manufacturers heat the windshield under pressure so that all the parts completely adhere together. If the windshield is struck hard enough from either side, the glass will break but it will not shatter because the pieces stick to the plastic film.

Tempered Glass

This product is stronger than standard glass, but it still can be broken if somebody wants to smash a window. It is designed so that the glass does not break into dangerous shards but instead crumbles into smooth pieces. This is a significantly important feature for people riding in the car if a window breaks during an accident.


A small bit of damage to tempered glass usually causes the window to break completely. This is not the case with laminated glass, since the film holds it together. Instead, a chip may form that can be filled. A crack might develop, but the car should still be relatively safe to drive until you have the time to get it fixed.

Frank’s Auto Glass Repair Chicago provides services using both of these types of glass. Contact details are on the website.