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The Dodge RAM 2500 Is A Family Truck

One of the challenges in owning a heavy-duty pickup truck is in finding something that is versatile and practical to own for both work and pleasure driving. The new Dodge RAM 2500 provides the ideal solution to this problem for car buyers in and around Wichita, KS.

Making the Case for a RAM 2500

While many families are turning to SUVs as family-friendly options, this class of vehicles stops short of being a good option to haul more than just a light trailer. In addition, the interior cargo capacity of an SUV is limited, even with all rear seats folded down.

A better alternative is the Dodge RAM 2500. With different cab configurations, including the Mega cab, families will find all the seating room they need. In addition, the well-appointed interior comes with a range of luxury features that vary between the eight different trim levels.

Range of Options

Car buyers looking at the Dodge RAM 2500 Wichita KS will have the ability to customize the interior to suit the needs of their families. It really is necessary to see the features and the options available on the new RAM 2500 line to appreciate all the options.

This is also a truck that is set up to maximize the use of technology. With five USB ports, three outlets, and a multilevel console that can easily hold a 15-inch laptop, the technology is ahead of many luxury sedans on the road. Buyers in Wichita, KS, can choose to upgrade to a full 12-inch touchscreen and a range of driver-assist and backup features that make this an easy vehicle to drive in any traffic conditions.