The importance of air filter replacement service in Virginia Beach VA

by | Apr 28, 2016 | Automotive

People who get their oil changed sometimes don’t get air filter replacement service in Virginia Beach VA. There are car owners who don’t understand the importance of having a clean air filter. It’s important to realize that an engine needs a mixture of air and fuel in order to work as it should. If there isn’t any oxygen available for an engine, the fuel that it is using won’t be able to burn properly. Without fuel burning properly, a car could end up with some serious problems. This is why people shouldn’t forget to have their air filters replaced.

When too much dirt accumulates in an air filter, filter replacement service in Virginia Beach VA is needed. A filter that is too dirty can eventually cause dirt to be distributed to other areas of the vehicle. Delicate engine parts can end up with problems because of excessive dirt. As far as maintenance costs are concerned, it is a lot more expensive to replace important engine parts than it is to swap out a dirty air filter. Ratios can also be thrown off by a dirty filter. When ratios are thrown off, an engine has to work much harder. Car owners can browse our website to find out more about filters.

Once people learn how important it is to change air filters, they then have to figure out how often filters should be replaced. One way to know when it needs to be replaced is to listen to the mechanic who is changing the oil in the car. If the mechanic recommends replacing the filter, it should be replaced. Car owners can view their filters to verify that they are indeed dirty. A vehicle’s mileage can also indicate when it’s time to change a filter. If it’s been 7,000 to 9,000 miles since a vehicle’s air filter has been replaced, it’s usually time for a change. Automobiles that are mostly driven in stop-and-go traffic will usually need filter replacement before vehicles that are mostly driven on highways.

Air filter replacement isn’t expensive, so there really isn’t any reason for car owners to avoid getting the necessary work done to prevent other problems.

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