The Importance Of OEM Car Parts

by | Mar 31, 2021 | Car Dealer

There are two types of car parts available in Philadelphia for repair and replacement of vehicle components. OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer parts are those made by the same company that makes the vehicle. They are readily available at a dealership or through online ordering from a dealership or auto part website, but they may not be available and in-stock at a general auto part store.

The second option for car parts in Philadelphia is the aftermarket part. Aftermarket parts are often lower in price and are made by a third-party manufacturer. They are typically available at any auto part store in Philadelphia. While OEM parts are typically made to fit one type of vehicle, aftermarket parts may be used on several makes and models. Aftermarket parts can also be specialized to look different than OEM parts and to personalize or customize a car, truck or SUV.

Benefits of OEM Parts

Using OEM parts offers several advantages, particularly on high-end, performance, and luxury types of vehicles. Choosing parts from the original manufacturer ensures the part is a perfect fit for the engine, system, or components.

Parts that fit perfectly within the system ensure top performance as well as system efficiency. Aftermarket parts that are slightly different than the OEM part can lead to increased wear and tear on the surrounding components, which ultimately results in increased repairs or lower performance over time.

Having OEM car parts installed at the dealership is essential if the vehicle is under warranty. Adding aftermarket parts and not using the required service center voids the warranty for a new or certified pre-owned vehicle.

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