Three Signs That It’s Time To Visit A Glass Shop In Lake Oswego, OR

by | Jul 8, 2024 | Auto

Auto-glass damage is a progressive issue. When subjected to strong wind forces, even tiny and seemingly insignificant blemishes will spread. This progression compromises the integrity of the auto glass and gradually diminishes visibility. The following are three signs that you need to visit a glass shop in Lake Oswego OR now.

1. Quarter-Sized Chips

If you have a rock chip that’s larger than a quarter in circumference, it’s time to have your windshield repaired or replaced. During rollover accidents, windshields can minimize or prevent roof cave-ins and keep occupants protected. Unfortunately, when they have larger chips and cracks, they’re more likely to shatter or give way.

2. Cracks Longer Than Your Palm

When auto glass cracks are longer than two to three inches, they won’t respond well to low-cost, do-it-yourself repairs. They’ll also affect your ability to see the road ahead and could lead to frustrating “fix-it” tickets.

Longer windshield cracks are more vulnerable to the strong wind forces experienced when vehicles are moving at top speeds. Thus, not only are they more likely to compromise visibility, but they’re also more likely to spread at a rapid rate.

3. Difficulty Seeing the Road Ahead

Depending upon their locations, even minor auto glass damages can warrant immediate replacement or repairs. If you have windshield damage that’s directly within your line of sight, it could prevent you from seeing someone’s blinker, brake lights, or blowout. With plenty of natural blind spots to worry about, you certainly don’t need a new one.

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