Tips for Finding the Right Car Battery at a Local Motor Parts Store in San Antonio TX

by | Oct 4, 2016 | Automotive

While engine parts are the main attraction at the local Motor Parts Store in San Antonio TX, there are other essentials to be found. It’s not unusual for these stores to carry a wide range of auto batteries. Here are some tips that will make it easier to find a replacement battery and ensure the car always has enough juice.

The Importance of Cranking Amps

The goal is to take a look at the batteries offered at the Motor Parts Store in San Antonio TX and determine which ones have sufficient cranking amps to do the job. Use the standard found in the automobile’s user guide to determine the minimum amount of amps needed. Keep in mind that choosing a battery that has slightly more cranking amps is not a bad idea. Doing so minimizes the potential of leaving work one afternoon and finding that the battery is dead.

Remember that it pays to look at cold cranking amps as well. This refers to the type of energy the battery will retain and make it possible to crank the car even if the temperature is around the freezing mark. The extra care in selection will come in handy during the winter months.

Comparing Maintenance-Free and Maintenance-Required Batteries

Not every motorist knows that some batteries are built to require no maintenance or upkeep at all. At best, there will be the need to clean the battery cables and posts from time to time. Others will require regular checks of the electrolyte level in the battery. A professional at the store can help the buyer understand the difference between the two battery types, and what benefits and drawbacks come with each type.

The Post Location

Take a look at the current battery and make a note of where the posts are located. Some battery models have the posts on top, while others are on the side. Teh new battery should have the posts in the same position.

If there’s the need for any type of engine parts or other accessories, visit the San Antonio Automotive Warehouse today and take a look at what’s in stock. There’s a good chance of finding everything needed to keep the car in excellent condition.

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