Tips That Will Make Auto Repair in East Lansing, MI Easier for the Car Owner

by | Sep 26, 2016 | Automotive

Even the best quality automobile will need some type of Auto Repair in East Lansing MI from time to time. One way to help minimize the odds of needing an emergency repair is to have the vehicle maintained properly. Here are some ways that the local repair service can help the client ensure the vehicle is always road worthy.

Checking the Belts and Hoses

One of the most common factors that car owners overlook is the condition of the belts and hoses. This is important since a belt that is beginning to wear out will place additional stress on the engine. A hose that is deteriorating will rupture with greater ease and could lead to the car overheating. If the owner is serious about keeping the need for an Auto Repair in East Lansing MI to a minimum, it makes sense to take the car in and have a professional look at the belts and hoses. If they are not in the best shape, replacing them now will save a lot of time and trouble later on.

Fluid and Filter Changes

Some people wait until they see a warning light come on to arrange for an oil and filter change. In fact, changing all the fluids on a regular basis is in the best interests of the owner. Along with the oil, it makes sense to test and possibly change the transmission fluid and the brake fluid. A professional can check everything from the air filter to the oil filter and decide if the time has come for replacements.

Checking the Brakes

If the driver notices any change in the function of the brakes, don’t write it off to the fact that the streets are wet or some other issues. The best move is to head to the shop immediately and have the system checked. If the system needs new pads, they can be installed quickly. Doing so will make it easier to avoid more severe problems and ensure the car can be brought to a complete stop without any hesitation if the need arises.

Remember that maintenance is essential if the owner wants to drive the car for many more years. Talk with the team at Liskey’s Auto & Truck Service and come up with a reasonable maintenance schedule. In the long run, the effort will pay off by ensuring the car is always ready for use.

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