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Tips To Discover How Tire Shops In Paramus, NJ Get Your Vehicle Ready For Winter Driving

As a vehicle owner, you should regularly check your tires once a month to ensure they’re safe. As winter approaches, it’s especially important you inspect your tires before you have to drive in inclement weather. The condition of your tires influences the way your car handles, the braking system, and how many miles per gallon you’ll get while driving. Below are some tips to help keep you safe and your car running smoothly when winter hits.

Tread – This is the amount of depth in the grooves of your tires from the highest spot to the lowest area at the bottom of the grooves. As you drive your car, the depth decreases, and when the tread wears down, your vehicle loses traction on wet pavement. Worn tires on rain, ice or snow can cause your vehicle to slide and it lessons your braking ability. When you purchase new tires at Tire Shops in Paramus NJ, your tires will give you plenty of traction to help you maneuver your vehicle in bad weather.

Snow Tires – Purchasing snow tires for winter driving is a smart investment. Manufacturers make these tires with a special type of tread that handles snow and ice better than all season tires. In addition, the material of these tires has more flexibility in cold weather than regular tires.

Proper Inflation – Poorly inflated tires aren’t able to make proper contact with the roadway. This is especially dangerous on slick roads. Use a tire gauge to test the amount of air in your tires and compare that to the amount of recommended tire pressure listed on your tires. It’s important to note that tire pressure drops in cold temperatures, so regularly check your tire pressure as the weather gets colder. If you don’t have a tire pressure gauge, take your vehicle to one of the Tire Shops in Paramus NJ, and they can check it for you.

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